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My Serivces

I was looking to build a career where I felt I contributed and made a difference in people's lives. I received RTT to help deal with some of my blocks and I have been amazed at the rapid results and understandings I have obtained from it. Knowing there are numerous people with similar issues I could not help but to see the immeasurable value RTT can add to their life’s. So I happy present my practice: Zilverbird Therapy!


Zilverbird Therapy is based in The Netherlands more specifically in the beautiful Groningen. I offer session from my home office. Typically speaking a session can be face to face however there is also the option to have it online. The process and results are exactly the same in both cases. 

Free Consultation Call

15 - 20 minutes

Before having a session, it is important for me and my clients to come into alignment by discussing the issue at hand and making sure we are both a fit for each other. For this reason I offer a free consultation call, where I can further explain the process and the client can tell me what they would like to achieve and of course ask any questions.


Day of Session

2 hours

In this session I guide the clients into hypnosis where we are able to find the root of their issue and get knowledge and understanding from it. We then reframe it and install the new belief system that will help the client achieve the desired results leading to a happier more fulfilled life.  


Follow up 

During the 21 days, I regularly check in with the clients to find out on their progress.


Intake Session

30 – 60 minutes

Once we have made a great connection, the first step to making a great transformation begins. We schedule an intake for the issues at hand and we discuss in more detail what the client would like to get out of the whole process. During the intake I also explain what the day of the session will be like. We also discuss the number of sessions that could be needed. This ranges from 1 to 3 sessions. 


Personalized Recording

After the session, the client receives a personalized recording which they need to commit to listening to for a minimum of 21 days to ensure their transformation can be hardwired into their system. 


Final Recap

Approximately a month after and once the 21 days of listening to the recording are over we plan a more detailed conversation, again either face to face or online. At this point we evaluate and cheer on the progress made and can discuss if more sessions are needed.  


Your Investment:
300 € 
For any additional sessions your investment will be: 250 € 


I help people be the best version of themselves

and break their limiting boundries

with Rapid Transfomational Therapy.

I help people struggling to belong and connect

rid their anxieties, build their confidence, empower their self esteem

by eliminating and erasing their negative beliefs.

I help people get their power back

easily and rapidly

without having to do years of therapy.

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