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  • Does RTT work?
    Yes. Hypnosis and in particular Rapid Transformational Therapy has worked and continues to work for thousands of people just like you, no matter the issue. It’s simple, safe, effective and proven.
  • How does hypnosis work?
    Hypnosis is a natural state of being that you already experience in one form or another in your daily life several times a day, for example just before you fall asleep. If you are in the shower for a long time and are completely relaxed, or if you are daydreaming on the train, that is also a kind of hypnosis. We consciously evoke this relaxed state of being when you go under hypnosis during your RTT session. The relaxation you experience during hypnosis makes it very easy to access your subconscious mind. And that is exactly where you keep all the information that is important to you. For example, you may have experienced certain things that you do not consciously remember, but which are still in your subconscious mind and still influence how you think and what you do. When you are under hypnosis, you discover which events you still unconsciously take with you in your life, as a result of which you now experience certain fears or insecurities. And most importantly, if you are under hypnosis, we can make you say goodbye. We replace your old, negative patterns with new and positive patterns that help you move forward in your life.
  • Will I be asleep?
    No, you are awake and alert, aware of everything that is happening throughout the session.
  • Will I be under your power during hypnosis?
    No, don’t worry. You are in charge. You cannot be made to do anything and you cannot be hypnotized against your will. It is your experience, I simply facilitate you.
  • How will I feel during and after the RTT session?
    During your session, you will feel, relaxed and comfortable. Hypnosis is a natural state that you experience in your day to day life so it won’t feel unfamiliar. Everyone is different and depending on how deeply you work, you might leave my office buzzing with excitement or you may feel a sense of reflection or wonder. You may continue to discover even more about yourself and your programming post session. Whether you feel excited or reflective, you will always leave my office with a sense of understanding, freedom and empowerment.
  • What if I can't be hypnotized?
    You can. Everyone can. As long as you wish to enter hypnosis, you will, even if you are anxious. It’s an easy, enjoyable and thoroughly relaxing process.
  • How can it work in only one session?
    Hypnosis allows direct access to the ‘reasons’ for what we do and why we react the way we react, saving you hours or even years in talk therapy searching for the source. The source of our issues are usually based on the beliefs you formed about yourself when you were a child. When you’re able to observe yourself and these understandings from a non-judgmental perspective it’s relatively easy to let them go and move on to rewiring those beliefs to something more beneficial. Sometimes it can take more than one session per issue* but as a rule most issues only take one session. I don’t want to waste my time or yours which is why I work this way. Don’t worry, if you wish to see me again about other issues you have, we all have many more than one issue to address in life. *Please note e.g. long term depression and anxiety (or smoking addiction) can take several sessions
  • What if I uncover something I don't want to share?
    You are in complete control during hypnosis and if you don’t wish to share something, you won’t. It’s ok to keep details to yourself, I can still help you as long as you can tell me how the private details affect you (as in how they make you feel) without saying what they are.
  • Do you do regression?
    Yes. Regression is an invaluable way to discover the source of an issue. You will not re-experience anything, you will simply observe events or experiences you have had in your past. What you see may make you sad or joyful but either way you will feel completely safe as you observe.
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